Will I be guaranteed employment at the end of my apprenticeship?
We can only guarantee a work placement, however 96% of apprentices go on to secure employment with their sponsoring company on successful completion of the programme. 

I have qualifications not listed in the entry requirements, would I still be eligible to apply for the scheme?
The subjects you have studied have to be relevant to the apprenticeship scheme, so for example if you have Biology, this is not classed as a technical subject, however Physics and Chemistry are accepted at the required level.

I have Maths at the level required in your entry requirements, however the qualification was included in my HNC Mechanical Engineering, would this meet your criteria?
Although the level of Maths you are studying meets the criteria, it is a module that makes up part of your HNC qualification.  We only accept standalone qualifications in the required subjects, to find out more please refer to the entry criteria.

If I go on and study A-levels or Highers will I stand a better chance of securing a place on the apprenticeship?
As long as you meet the entry criteria listed you will be eligible to apply, however, A-Levels or Highers may benefit you at the interview stage of the recruitment process.

When do you make an offer of placement?
Conditional offers will be made in April/May subject to passing the Oil and Gas UK Medical.

Apprenticeship or University, I can't decide?
One isn’t better than the other, you just need to figure out which suits you.  Apprenticeships are a genuine alternative to university for those who want to earn while they learn and gain practical skills throughout the training.

Can I take a gap year?
The apprenticeship is a full time course for the specified duration, holidays are given but no additional time off is allowed as course work follows a strict timetable.

I am currently studying a degree in Mechanical Engineering at university but I am realising I would prefer a more practical training course. Can I apply for the apprenticeship?
Yes, as long as you meet the required entry criteria you can apply. 

I have already completed a HND in Electrical Engineering, can I transfer my qualification and fast track onto the apprenticeship?
Unfortunately not, all apprentices must complete the full course duration which is 3 years and 9 months. However, if you chose to study an alternative discipline you would then gain the opportunity to become a multi-skilled technician.

Is it possible to change discipline during the apprenticeship?
No, this is not possible; you must complete your apprenticeship in your discipline, however on successful completion of the apprenticeship it might be possible through your sponsor (employer) to train in a further discipline which would give you a multi discipline qualification.

Would I have the opportunity to complete my worksite training abroad?
The apprenticeship is UK based however you would be working in a global industry where opportunities to work abroad may present themselves further down your career. 

What happens if you fail a module?
All apprentices are supported by Mentors throughout the training and extra study classes can be arranged if necessary.  If you fail a module you are usually given the opportunity to resit once, but this would depend on individual college policy. 

What would my job role be on completion of the apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship is for maintenance and production technicians in the energy industry.  Your training will continue on completion of the apprenticeship until you become fully qualified.  Many apprentices progress through the ranks to become Lead Technicians, Supervisors and eventually Offshore Installation Managers.

How can I prepare for the aptitude tests?
Many examples of aptitude tests can be found online.

How much will I earn during my apprenticeship?
An apprentice salary increases and varies as you go through your training, here is a rough guide.  

Which colleges do you study at?
Currently we use North East Scotland College (NESCOL), Edinburgh College and Forth Valley College; further information can be found here, these colleges are subject to change. 

Will I know who my sponsor is at the commencement of my apprenticeship?
If you are managed by OPITO, you will find out who your sponsor is following the college phase of the apprenticeship.  If you are managed by ECITB, you will find out who your sponsor is from the outset. 

If I am not successful in gaining a place first time round, can I re-apply the following year?
Yes of course, the scheme recruits yearly so this shows your commitment.  

I sat my school exams out-with the UK, would I be able to apply for the scheme?
International qualifications are accepted; however applicants must submit evidence that their qualifications are equivalent to programme entry requirements.  

I live out-with the UK; can I apply for the apprenticeship scheme?
You must be living in the UK to apply and be in possession of any Visa/work permits required to enable you to work in the UK.