Scheme Management

The Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Programme is managed by OPITO, the safety and skills organisation for the energy industry, and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB). The programme is supported and sponsored by a number of operators and contractor companies.

OPITO manage the programme on behalf of the operators – these are companies who own installations and produce oil and gas.

ECITB manage the programme on behalf of the contracting companies - these are companies who provide a service to the operators including the supply of maintenance technicians to work at an operator's offshore installation or onshore site.

Through a random selection process, apprentices will either be employed by OPITO or by one of the ECITB contractors. 

You will be supported by OPITO or ECITB throughout your training and will be appointed a mentor to help you.

Gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees - OPITO has published apprenticeship gender pay information on their website.